The latest trends in the checkout counters of shops

It’s known that a loyal client is the base for successful business. Due to rapid development of technologies and change in the offered options, also the clients’ wishes and habits change. A farseeing businessman finds out the changes in clients’ habits and adapts the company’s offer to client’s wishes thus satisfying the needs of the client which makes him come back.

Following the market trends and changes, an innovative SPINAKERR “head” or operating panel with sliding mechanism, which depending on the needs allows to set it in two operating modes – workplace for a cashier or selfservice counter, is created for checkout counters. Thus multifunctionality is achieved in the arrangement of checkout counters – each shop can adapt these functions following the individual load, not changing the checkout area and not creating a new zone for self-service checkout counters, and employing less workers. We regard that this is a great solution for the increase of purchases and number of clients.

Clients’ benefits

  1. less time spent in a queue
  2. more positive shopping experience
  3. wish to come back

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